Hi, y'all

My name is Betty Green. I've spent the better part of my life seeking to discover the lives of my ancestors, how they lived, who they married, what their aspirations were and the values they held dear.

After forty years, I think I have captured a capsule of their individual contributions to a heritage I am extremely proud of.

I would like to share these lives with you. You may have Dicksons or Dixons in your family line. Or you may be related to up-state South Carolinians. Or you may just be interested in the folks who lived along the North/South Carolina line who shared their rich heritage.

Please visit my book page. I'm delighted to welcome you to the ever-expanding family of Dixon/Dickson family members.

This is my first try at a web page and I hope you will help me make it as enjoyable for you as it is to me.

These pages will grow in the coming weeks.
I will be adding more material about our Carolina Kin.
Check my
INDEX from time to time.

--Betty Green

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